To benefit the Cancer Research Society

To benefit the Cancer Research Society
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I am getting in this crazy adventure with in mind a fundraiser for the Cancer Research Society. First, because the disease has taken my father (Richard Boulanger, 49), while I was only 14 years. He died May 21, 1990 of lung cancer after several months of fighting against this devastating disease. He had previously survived an esophageal cancer a few years before and research and experience of the doctors had then allowed him to remain with us a few extra years.

My Father (Richard Boulanger)

In recent years, my circle of friends and acquaintances also suffered the loss of two others dear and incredible people to cancer. Julie Béland (October 20th, 2008 - 33 years old) and Katherina Grondine (July 1st, 2014 - 36 years old). And the two of them despite illness have kept smiling and kept the courage to fight up to the last moments.

So it becomes very important to me to continue and to contribute to research and make sure to, one day, find a cure or even find ways of preventing any type of cancer. Research has so far made great progress and more and more people survive this infamous disease. Unfortunately the number of cancer cases is still growing and we need to find ways to reduce this number and the only way is inevitably through research.

This adventure I also want to live it for myself. It is a personal challenge, both physically and mentally. It seems that life flows through our fingers without realizing it and I want to live this experience while my fitness still allows me to. Having just reached the milestone of 40 years, I understand that I am not invincible and that I will not always be able to do the same and that I must do this while it is still possible for me. I will live this adventure one step at a time and appreciate every moment with all my heart and like all people with cancer, I will fight and end my challenge with a smile and courage like my father, Julie and Katherina have demonstrated to us during their fight.