To benefit the Cancer Research Society

To benefit the Cancer Research Society
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Would you like to make a donation for the cause, here is how to proceed :

Donors :

For anyone that wishes to make a donation directly to the "Cancer Research Society", the research for cancer is a cause that I take to heart, click on image below to donate, it will bring you directly to the "CRS" webpage for my Challenge.

Are you a company owner or manager and feel that you would like help the cause. I have something to offer. I take the challenge to walk 5000km for the cause, will you take the challenge with me? By donating 1$ per kilometer I will be walking. That is 5000$ that will go directly to the Cancer Research Society. Let's all get together and help fight this disease that is slowly killing us. Follow the same link and please contact me at : . For every donation of 20$ or more a income tax receipt will also be sent directly.

Sponsors :

Dear donors, I will also need some extra financial help to make this expedition a reality. The budget for the expedition is very modest and is all out of my own budget. If you would like to also make a small extra donation directly and help with the costs along the way. Any amount, 1$, 5$, 20$ or more will be greatly appreciated

If you wish to make an extra contribution for the expedition itself, all donors-sponsors of 500$, 1,000$ or more will have in extra the privilege to have their names or logos in the introduction credits of all exploratory videos along the way (one year) and once the final documentaries will be done at the end of the travel, your logo will be up as a donor, sponsor and contributor that made this trip and documentaries possible.

Click this link to make a donation for the expedition

Thank you very much to everyone who will have at heart to help with the cause of Cancer Research.

Normand Boulanger