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The start for this trip will be in Pasto in southern part of Colombia. Colombian road is rather short and will end at the border with Ecuador where I will cross over in Tulcan. From this point I will be heading south through Carchi, Ibarra, Otavolo, Quito, Cotopaxi and Cuenca. I will then start on the Peruvian part going towards Cajamarca, Huanuco, Huancayo, Cuzco and Peru to complete this stage at Lake Titicaca. For Bolivia, the start will be at the lake towards Tiwanaku, La Paz, Paria and Tupiza. Once in Argentina big points will be Tilcara, Salta, La Rioja and Mendoza. From this point the main road of the Andes will be finished, but I'm pushing the challenge a little further, I will take a secondary road to reach the coast road to Santiago and the trip will end in Talca, which is the southernmost point of the Qhapaq Ñan. Therefore, I will have accomplished the road from the most northerly point of the road network to the southernmost points.

Here is an approximate map of the road. You need to follow the red dots, but not every dots will be touched, they are simply indications for me. The blue line is only a landmark line.

The exact and detailed itinerary is getting close to done but I keep the options, of course, to improvisation and slightly deviate from the official road to reach some points of interest that could be close by.

Here is the map with the actual road I followed up to now, the yellow parts are road parts protected under UNESCO :

Here are the 25 steps (or parts) of the walk :

1 - Pasto to Ipiales, Colombia (85km)  ----- 135.13km (+3,369 / -3,474)
2 - Ipiales, Colombia to Papallacta, Equator (300km) 
3 - Papallacta to Cuenca, Equator (450km)
4- Cuenca, Equator to Aypate, Peru (420km)
5 - Aypate to San Felipe, Peru (320km)
6 - San Felipe to Cajamarca, Peru (320km)
7 - Cajamarca to Conchucos, Peru (250km)
8 - Conchucos to Huari, Peru (310km)
9 - Huari - Huanco Pampa - Huarautambo, Peru (300km)
10 - Huarautambo - Tarmatambo - Jauja, Peru (250km)
11 - Jauja to Vilcashuaman, Peru (400km)
12 - Vilcashuaman to Cusco, Peru (400km)
13 - Cusco (all roads around) (250km)
14 - Cusco to Puno, Peru (380km)
15 - Puno, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia (250km)
16 - La Paz to Oruro, Bolivia (250km)
17 - Oruro to Potosi, Bolivia (330km) 
18 - Potosi to Villazon, Bolivia (350km)
19 - Villazon, Bolivia to Tilcara, Argentina (+ detour around valley Colorado) (250km)
20 - Tilcara to Cafayate, Argentina (450km)
21 - Cafayate to Chilecito, Argentina (450km) 
22 - Chilecito to Villa Corral, Argentina (450km)
23 - Villa Corral to Puente del Inca, Argentina (250km)
24 - Puente del Inca, Argentina to Santiago, Chile (270km)
25 - Santiago to Talca, Chile (250km)

The kilometers are for indications only, because some parts of the road will be passed over. I keep to myself the information on the times I allow myself for each steps, not wanting to give all the punch.

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