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Hello and welcome, I'm Normand Boulanger, 40 years old and I am an avid hiking lover as much in the mountains as forest. Having traveled for just over eight months in South America, which I loved. I now turn towards this new journey yet again on the South American continent. My previous learnings of the culture and customs will surely be very useful to me on this new adventure.

Having visited Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Colombia, I learned to like the continent and the people. Then I fell in love, somehow, with this place. The different countries have so much history from the past to today. The pre-Columbian peoples have left obvious and amazing traces which tells us of the past, ruins, temples and ancient villages, many of these ancient Inca sites will be on my way down the Qhapaq Nan. New places and amazing sceneries will add so much to my pleasure to be back on these lands.

I will be going by some places I've already been to, but I will mostly be going to new places for me to explore and even better I get the chance to visit a little more of Colombia and visit Ecuador, where I have never been. Everything will of course be shared in photos and videos on this page. A year that promises to be beautiful.

I wish for you to enjoy following the adventure, that will start January 2017.

Also visit my other blog if you are curious about my previous experience: