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8 janvier 2017

Part 1 - Pasto to Ipiales, Colombia

The first part is complete, it has been fairly easy but not without any little problems. In the 3rd segment 'Guapuscal Bajo', I mistakenly traveled to find myself completely out of my way. I followed a small farmer's path to their house. The nice old man told me where I should go and I had to retrace my steps on 2km. And in the segment 'Chitarran', I was wrong at the beginning of the road but only for a little detour. But it is not without saying that even if I have my GPS and my maps ready, it will sometimes happen to me to lose sight of my path and to have to retrace my steps.

On the third day, I had miscalculated my distances and found myself after 33km of walking to realize that I still had 16km before the next stop. As I did not have all my camping gear with me for this first leg, I had to get to the next town to find a hotel for the night. So I had to hitchhike, because I was exhausted and it was getting late.

On the penultimate segment 'San Pedro', I arrive at the point indicated by the GPS, but I could not see the path that I was looking for. An old lady was on the roadside and I asked her if the path I'm looking for is the one that goes up to a house. She tells me no, it's private property. Then a little resigned, I decide to continue my route and take the path by its exit on the other side. I arrive at the portion that marks the end and a man tells me that I have to go up the other way and I will find the path. Perfect then I followed the trail which is actually very easy to find but in the end it shrinks considerably to leave me only about 30cm to walk sticking to one of the sand walls side that runs along the path, next to me a small creek takes the rest of the place and follows its way. Only a small portion, but that will have given me a little difficulty not to wet my feet. When I arrived at the bottom, I came out of behind a small wall of sand directly where my GPS pointed the departure point exactly where I was at the beginning. I simply did not see the path because he was hidden by this small wall. I'll have to be on the lookout for my trails.

Day 1 - - Total of the day : 15.43km
LOS AJOS (CO-RP-09-C-2011) - 0.32km