To benefit the Cancer Research Society

To benefit the Cancer Research Society
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31 décembre 2016

It's almost a start

With less than two days from my departure on the roads of Qhapaq Ñan (Inca road), I am feverish, happy and nervous. For more than a year I have been planning this expedition, the maps, the equipment and everything I need so that my journey is not too difficult. Because despite having planned everything, this journey will not be an easy one, quite the opposite, it will be very difficult. At least the first few months will be all the more difficult because I will have to adapt to this new way of life of being a nomad. I will have ups and downs (no puns), both emotionally and physically.

While waiting for the departure
(Laguna Verde - Volcan Azufral, Colombia)

Although I am normally in good physical shape, the terrain on which I am going will be one of the most difficult of my life. There will be times when I will have to cross passes between the mountains which will lead me to more than 5,000 meters of altitude. Hiking one or two day in the mountains is one thing, but this time it will be day after day of climbs and descents on heights of sometimes more than 2,000 meters of ascent in a single day. If with a normal backpack it seems easy, with all the equipment it will not be that easy in the end.

In the beginning the distances will be shorter and slowly my body will adapt to this rhythm and I will be able to go beyond my own limits. For this expedition is precisely the goal, to go beyond my own limits. It is a very personal challenge that I have embarked on, but I also wanted to reach out to a cause that I take to heart.

 San-Agustin (Colombia)

Throughout the expedition, people from everywhere will also be able to help the cause for which I chose to walk. Under the 'Donate' tab, on this page you can help with cancer research by submitting donations to "The Cancer Research Society". You will also be able, if the heart tells you, to make a donation to help me with the financing of the expedition because despite the small budget, I will need some help (small or large), that would be greatly appreciated.

I am hopeful of the development of this expedition and I am also hopeful that it will be completed. In less than two days I will embark on this expedition which will take me more than a year to complete. So I would love to say a huge thank you to all those who encouraged me and a huge thank you to my sponsors for the material that was offered to me. Aciers J.P. who built and sponsored the trailer for my equipment. Sports Experts of Rouyn-Noranda, Steripen, Gaia GPS and PlanB Telecom.

On these words, I wish you all a wonderful new year and for my part it will be an extraordinary year filled with breathtaking sceneries that I will of course share with all of you.

Let's start this adventure!

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